Scott Hurley, 37, of Sunshine, appeared at an out-of-sessions hearing on Friday, charged with four counts of trafficking, four counts of possessing a drug of dependence and one count each of handling stolen goods, cultivating a drug of dependence and possessing proceeds of crime. He was bailed to appear at the Melbourne Magistrates Court on March 27.
Police sources said that Hurley was one of five Black Uhlans motorcycle gang members investigated for the alleged rape of a 19-year-old woman in a Lakes Entrance motel.
A police spokesman could not confirm last night whether any charges had been laid against Mr Hurley or the other four men over the alleged rape.
When Sexual Crimes Squad members arrived at Lakes Entrance to investigate the rape last February, three of the bikies denied that a sexual assault had taken place, while two declined to talk to police.
But detectives soon established that Hurley was an associate member of the Black Uhlans and worked for the Victoria Police Vehicle Examination Unit in Macleod. He is not a sworn police officer but has worked for the unit since he was a teenager.
Hurley continued to work at the forensic unit until his arrest on the drug charges on Friday following a lengthy investigation by the police force's internal investigators, the Ethical Standards Department.
He was questioned about trafficking of cocaine, amphetamines, cannabis and ecstasy before being charged.The VEU is an arm of the forensic science centre and examines vehicles thought to be stolen or "rebirthed". As an employee, Hurley had access to suspect vehicles.
Detectives are believed to have investigated whether he could have gained unauthorised access to drug-testing laboratories at the complex
Car theft and rebirthing have been identified by law-enforcement agencies as an area that has lured outlaw motorcycle gangs as they expand criminal networks built largely on drugs.
An Australian Crime Commission report recently warned that bikie gangs were becoming "more sophisticated and dynamic", as well as diversifying their criminal activities.
"Such offences include murder, firearms, illicit drugs supply and production, extortion, prostitution, serious assault, sexual assault, arson, robbery, theft, vehicle rebirthing, receiving stolen property, fraud, money laundering, corruption and bribing officials and perverting the course of justice," the report said.
The report said that in 2005-06, 10 outlaw motorcycle gangs opened 26 new chapters in six states and territories. The commission estimates that 35 gangs operate in Australia with a core of 3500 full members — with many more associates, nominees and prospective members.
Six years ago police smashed a fake transport licence racket involving a senior employee of VicRoads, who was selling licences to members of the Outlaws motorcycle gang.


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