Kameron Lawhead, 33, of Kilauea, to two consecutive five-year terms for the crimes.
Lawhead argued with the judge and offered a “thank you” upon receiving the sentence.
Lawhead was convicted Oct. 31 for the two Class C felonies, each punishable by up to five years of imprisonment.
Deputy Prosecutor Marc Guyot recommended the court impose the maximum sentence of 10 years when presenting the case.
The convictions stem from a 2006 incident in which Lawhead was found asleep with a nearby glass pipe.
Upon further investigation, it was confirmed that the pipe contained methamphetamine.
After a three-day trial, the jury deliberated for less than two hours before reaching its unanimous verdict.
Prosecuting Attorney Craig DeCosta also prosecuted the case on behalf of the state; Honolulu attorney Emmanuel G. Guerrero represented Lawhead.


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