Clifton Dwight Lee is behind bars in the Roanoke City Jail, a man the Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA, calls a significant drug trafficker in Roanoke. In a 9-page affidavit, Ten On Your Side found the DEA kept a close watch on Lee for about a year. The document claims several confidential sources recorded their meetings with Lee.
WSLS talked with Tim Carden, resident agent in charge with the DEA. He tells us they target the most significant traffickers in our area and knew about Lee. He also says Lee’s arrest will have a strong impact on the availability of heroin in Roanoke.
In the affidavit, sources say Lee would drive out-of-state every week – going to Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Sources say Lee would bring back at least 20 bricks of heroin, most times about 50 to 100 bricks. The affidavit also says Lee would try to sell guns during the drug sales.
Now, Lee has three charges against him. They include distribution and possession of heroin with the intent to distribute heroin; conspiracy; and possession and use of a firearm in relation to a drug trafficking offense on three different occasions.
The DEA says this is ongoing investigation and they expect more arrests. As for Lee, he’s set to have his bond hearing in federal court on Friday morning.


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